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12 reasons you should try acupuncture: Your whole self

Acupuncture treats the whole person: body, mind, emotions and spirit

Acupuncture treatments are part of the holistic system of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Modern western medical theory is now confronting the fact that there is no hard distinction between mental, physical, emotional and even spiritual components of health. Indeed, stress is the leading contributor to modern illnesses. When your acupuncturist treats you with needles, herbs, moxibustion, massage, simple physical exercises and dietary recommendations, she is treating your whole self.


Bethany Bechtel
About the Author
Dr. Bethany Bechtel holds a PhD in Biophysics (University of Pennsylvania), is a Licensed Acupuncture Physician, a Diplomate of Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM) and a 2002 graduate of Dragon Rises College of Oriental Medicine in Gainesville, Florida. To her practice Bethany brings a lifetime interest in integrative medicine and health care, a strong background in western science, training in therapeutic yoga, and a continuing study of oriental medicine.

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