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Faith McCarthy, AP, RN
Bethany Bechtel, AP, PhD

What patients have to say about receiving acupuncture with Bethany Bechtel, AP, Phd:

I have used acupuncture to assist with a successful IVF procedure, postpartum recovery, and chronic shoulder pain. I had received more than one “Western” medicine treatment for both the postpartum issues and the shoulder pain with little relief. Being a “Western” medical professional I was skeptical at first but I can honestly say Bethany’s acupuncture treatments have not only changed my life, but have allowed me to return to the happy wife and mother I always dreamed to be.
– A very happy and thankful customer!

A few months ago I had a sudden onset of excrutiating low back pain that went to the left hip and all the way down my left leg to my foot. My family doctor told me it was the sciatic nerve. The anti-inflammatory and pain killer medicine did not work. I did not want to have surgery, so I research alternative treatments and practitioners. This led me to acupuncture and Dr. Bechtel.

After a couple of treatments, I began to notice a small reduction in pain. After each treatment the reduction in pain became greater and it lasted longer. After a few weeks my back/sciatic pain was all gone. I also regained all my strength in my lower back and left leg. I also felt more energy and calmness.

I cannot express in words the amount of gratitude and appreciation I have to Dr. Bechtel for taking away the low back/sciatic pain and for healing the sciatic nerve.